Painting and decorating

How it all began …..

Well, how do I begin? I met Kevin through a well known dating website and we have now been together for 9 months. He told me that he was a self employed painter and decorator (he runs a business called TDS Decorating) and like any normal woman, I thought this would come in useful as there were plenty of things that needed doing around the house (a lick of paint in the living room for example, which I’m still waiting to be done lol). I soon learnt that living with a decorator was not the same as having a handy man to fix everything in the house.

For a start, it’s quite hard for him to find the time to do work around the house as he is always busy doing work in other peoples houses! Secondly, he has now managed to get me on board with the business in my spare time (when I’m not doing my own day job). And thirdly, I now have various decorating items in the living room (which at the moment consists of a pasting table and a tile cutter). Not that I mind any of the above, it was just a shock to the system.

My friend recently said ‘It must be brilliant having a Painter and Decorator living with you, your house must be really well decorated’ to which I replied ‘You would think so wouldn’t you, but no unfortunately’.

I have to be honest, I have learnt quite a bit so far. I have learnt to be careful when painting doors as it’s quite likely you will drag paint through the house on your shoes! I have learnt that you can do free advertising through Facebook. I have learnt how to design a website. I have learnt that it’s very important to take notes when going along on a quote otherwise Kevin will not remember what he will need to do on the job in 3 months time (yes, he really is that busy!). I’ve learnt that there are many, many different types of paint (more than I could ever imagine). The list could go on and on.

It was at this point, I decided that I would start a blog, not only to have a moan about living with Kevin, but to also pass on little jewels of knowledge about the painting and decorating industry, little hints and tips if you will. Plus, I’m hoping that it will be very funny as well as useful to somebody and well worth writing about.



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