Painting and decorating

Danger on the stairs

Yup folks, this is how my stairs currently look!

Kev warned me that this might happen. He has run over on a job and has brought his work home with him. Not like an office worker, where they just bring a laptop, I have someone else’s kitchen doors and drawers at the bottom of my stairs ready to be painted!

Not that I mind because I was pre-warned that this could and would happen. And it’s not really that bad until you want to walk up the stairs. This was absolutely fine until last night when I decided that I was going to have 1 or 2 vodkas and was desperate for a pee. I managed to make it up the stairs with no difficulty and then realised that I had to do the return journey. Let’s just say that after a couple of vodkas, the stairs are dangerous enough but add an assault course to that and it’s like taking part in my very own Krypton Factor (apologies if your either too young or not from the UK but this was a program where the contestants had to do various activities including an army style assault course).

Tomorrow he plans on putting the pasting table up in the living room and paint the doors with an undercoat. Once that dries, he is then going to paint them in a brilliant white satin.

While he does that I will be busy grouting my kitchen after tiling it last weekend. He was very helpful with this as he showed me what to do and then disappeared into the living room with his coffee. He then thought it would be very funny if he took a photo of me tiling and shared it to Facebook without my knowledge. Let’s just say, it wasn’t the most complimentary of photographs!

I’m just thankful that he can’t bring home somebody’s wall and paint that in the living room. That would really ruin my view of the television!!

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