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Danger on the stairs – part 2

Danger in the living room

Good news guys, the cupboard doors are no longer at the bottom of my stairs. Yay. They are now in my living room!

Kev has now moved them from the stairs for painting. He has set up the pasting table and has started working away at getting them sorted for the customer.

It was all going really well. I was in the kitchen getting dinner ready and he was working away using the specialist undercoat. Then there was an almighty bang and let’s just say, the air turned blue. When I popped my head around the kitchen door, he was frantically running around trying to clean up paint. He ran into the kitchen to get a sponge to try and clean it up quickly before it dried all over our laminate floor. See, the problem with the undercoat he uses, as brilliant as it is, it dries extremely quickly, so if it get’s tipped, it needs to be wiped up straight away.

When he explained what had happened, I struggled to stifle a giggle. In his ultimate wisdom, he placed the paint tray on the last door at the very edge of the pasting table. 5 minutes later he had forgot he had done this and lent on the door that was precariously balancing on the edge. The paint tray flew through the air covering not only his shoes, but also the floor and my vacuum head (which by the way was grey but now it looks like a very dodgy Dalmatian!).

I can honestly say that I am glad he had put a dust cover down or we would now be shopping for new laminate flooring! Just goes to show that even a professional Painter and Decorator can have accidents. He is just glad it happened in our house and not in a customer’s living room.

I think the lesson learned with this is, it is all good living on the edge but putting a paint tray on the edge is never a good idea!

By the way, here are the finished doors with the top coat paint placed safely on the pasting table.




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