Painting and decorating

A lighter shade of Mocha

We recently did a quote where the colour Mocha was requested as they wanted a darker colour on their walls than they currently had.

The customer stated that they wanted Mocha, which doesn’t sound that complicated. You just go to the paint shop and buy Mocha coloured paint. Or so you would think.

When the job came along, taking into account Kev had to book it in on weekend because he is really busy at the moment (I don’t mind, whatever brings the money in!), he also offered to get the paint.

There was a lot of work involved in the job as the customer had issues with the walls. That meant that Kev spent the first day doing little jobs like stripping wall paper, which behind he found a medium sized hole. He always says the’s not a plasterer (but he does get plastered from time to time), he can fix small to medium size holes. He proceeded to fix this ready for painting the following day.

As I was working at me own full time job the first day, I couldn’t help him but he asked me to help him the second day. I asked him several times if he was sure, knowing what I’m like with a paint brush, he said yes!

That morning, he got up early to buy the paint and left me in bed to have a bit of a lay in. When he come back, he packed the van up and I followed him in my car. Why not go in the same vehicle I hear you ask? The problem was that my son was away over the weekend and needed me to play chauffeur and pick him up half way through the day!

We got there and the customer was out but she had put her husband in charge. We started by sanding down the plastering that Kev had done the day before. Because there was a few areas, Kev said that we would need to put an extra coat on these areas as the plaster would suck the first layer in, apparently this is called ‘mist coating’.


Here’s Kev really enjoying his work!

After he ‘mist coated’ all the areas, he called the husband to come and check. I’m really glad he did this before we painted all the walls. As it turns out, this wasn’t the right colour. It was too dark and the husband stated that he knew his wife would definitely not like it. He then rang her and was right. She was coming home to have a look!

Kev, thinking fast on his feet, had me to Google the colour so we could have a look at the different shades. We showed these to the husband and he wasn’t sure. Kev then asked if they still had the original paint that they had on the walls. It turned out that they did in fact have a 5ltr tin of Pecan.

Now the only thing these two colours have in common is that they are both shades of brown.

The one on the left is Mocha and the one on the right is Pecan.

The husband made an executive decision and decided to go with the Pecan (even though this was the original colour that was already on the walls!). 5 minutes later the wife returned with bags of shopping and full of apologies for the confusion. She was also quite happy to go with Pecan.

We then started painting with the new colour. First we had to paint over where Kev had put the Mocha and then paint the rest of the walls. This was quite hard as it was difficult to see where we had and hadn’t painted with it being the same colour. Eventually we finished (taking into account that half way through, I had to go and pick my son up and drop him home then return to help Kev).

The customer was very happy with the finish, even though it was exactly the same as it was before.


The lesson we have learnt from this is to do a Google search when we are at the quote to make sure that we are all on the same page when it comes to the colour of paint.

On the plus side we have 5ltr of Mocha if anyone is interest!

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