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Troubles with Technology

As it’s Sunday, Kev and I were partaking in our hobby, well I say hobby, we were doing quotes but it’s the only hobby we have time for! We had 1 full house and 2 kitchens to price up across the South Wales Valleys and as usual I was in charge of taking the notes with the laptop come tablet.

The first quote was of course the full house which meant I had to type extremely quickly while Kev was going through each room with the customer, trying his best to break things down room by room. I attempted to do this on the tablet rather than using the keyboard and using it like a laptop (which as it turns out is not the best option for the laptop/tablet that we have).

On the way in the car, I had set the timer on the tablet to auto lock after 1 minute, which in itself, was not the problem but I neglected to realise that the screen lock button is the same button that turns off the tablet!

After I had taken notes that were worthy of a 1000 word essay , which included all the prices, we started chatting with the customers (a lovely couple that were buying the house and redecorating it ready to move in). We were talking about the business Facebook pages and talking about my blog as they had actually read it! I was amazed as I have noticed that a lot of my readers tend to be in Canada, and here I had found a local welsh lady that had not only read my blog but mentioned the cheese knife blog that I had recently written (if your interested, here’s the link to that blog: A Cheese Knife – not just for cheese!).

While we were talking, I noticed that the screen had gone black. I held the button to turn the screen back on but inadvertently turned the thing off. And yes you guessed it, I hadn’t saved any of the information I had just spent half an hour typing!




We then spent another 10 minutes trying to remember what I had typed and what the prices were. Luckily enough, we had given the customers the total price so we just worked back from there. Once I had retyped everything, the first thing I did was save it. Once bitten, twice shy to say the least! I then emailed it to them just to make doubly sure.

We did have a bit of a laugh afterwards as I did say to them that I would probably end up blogging about it. And here it is! I would like to give a special mention to Louise and Jamie for being extremely patient with me.

We then went on to do the other 2 quotes with no issues as I must have saved the notes 1000 times just to make sure. I also used the tablet as a laptop and typed everything as it’s easier to press the enter button to unlock the screen, rather than the unlock button!

Lesson learnt – technology isn’t always your friend, always save your work on a regular basis and use the enter key instead of the on/off switch!



2 thoughts on “Troubles with Technology

  1. I can’t tell you how many times this has happened to me. I think my worst encounter with technology was 2 years ago when I was attending school for Interior Design. I had my laptop set up to back up all my school files on my computer in case anything happened to my laptop. Of course, several months later my computer completely crashed and I had to rest the whole thing. When I went on to my cloud I realized that I had lost about two or three classes worth of work because at some point my laptop had stopped backing it up to my server and all the folders I had for those classes were empty. I wanted to curl up in a ball and cry which I did lolz but then I had to move on, which was hard. I completely understand the frustrations that come with technology! Thanks for sharing your experience and I am glad you were able to finish your quotes! 😊❤️


  2. I totally have the same experience the other day I was editing the video. And some part of the whole file was missing. And I accidentally save the wrong file and spent next three hours editing the same thing over again 😦 can relate to that

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