Sooooooo tired

I have found it so hard in recent weeks to find the energy to blog. The main reason for this is that work has been extremely mental, not that I’m complaining as I absolutely love being busy! The main problem is the fact that I have done two late shift weeks in a row so by the time I have come home, I have had no motivation to pick up my laptop to write. I don’t think it helps that I work on a computer for most of the day!


Me and Kev have both been telling each other for the last couple of weeks that we need to put time aside. For him it’s the advertising for the business and for me it’s writing my blog. Don’t get me wrong, my brain is bursting with ideas of what to write. There’s plenty of things, for example, Kev said to me the other day that he didn’t think he has ever tried ‘hens eggs’, then I pointed out that these were actually chicken eggs, he replied, ‘sorry sweetheart, my brain is fried’, not like the eggs!! It’s just I have felt to tired to write.


After another very busy day in work today, helping people write application for a position that’s being advertised and being told that I am good with words, I finally got my motivation back. I sat down and thought about why I’m doing this and then realised there are a few reasons:

  1. Because I like it, no scratch that, I love it! I love nothing more than sitting at a keyboard and letting the words just flow.
  2. Because I find it really relaxing. It’s a way of me venting and getting the words that are stuck in my head out in the open.
  3. I love making people smile! I love writing about funny things that Kev and I get up to or things that Kev says and sharing them with others to put a smile on their face too (well I hope it does anyway)


The only thing that has been stopping me is my own laziness to pick up the laptop and to start typing and now I’ve done it, it feels great!!!

My lesson in all this is, don’t let lack of motivation stop you from doing what you love, just remember why you started it in the first place and the motivation will come back all on its own!!


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