Days Away

What to do? Go to the Zoo!

Kev and I found ourselves with a weekend off and nothing to do, which is really unusual! We decided on the Saturday (while recovering from a hangover from the Friday night) to do something with our Sunday. The question was what?

Now I’ve always loved a Zoo but Kev isn’t that bothered as he went to Dudley Zoo when he was younger and apparently it’s all uphill (I suppose when you get to the top, it’s all downhill!) but I wouldn’t know as it’s not somewhere that I’ve been. Kev as usual, wanted to go to the beach.

Using my fantastic knowledge of the South Wales coast and thinking about various places I have taken my son to in the past, I decided on Folly Farm in Pembrokeshire. Using Google images, I sold the idea to Kev. I explained that it had changed a lot since my son was younger and that it wasn’t that far from Tenby (a little coastal town that we had been to before), he finally agreed. I had already decided of course that we were going, especially after seeing that they now have Lions, Giraffe and Zebra (not really a farm anymore)! We made a deal that we would go to Folly Farm in the morning and have a late lunch in Tenby and see the beaches.

The park opened at 10am and it was going to roughly take us about an hour to get there so we set off just after 9am. We got there just after 10 and there were already a few cars in the car park. As we got out of the car, I looked around and realised that we could possibly be the only adults there without any children but I didn’t care!

The fact that we were there early meant that we didn’t have to queue to get in. The lovely lady at the booth even gave Kev a wry smile when after she asked if we wanted a map to the park today, Kev replied, ‘No thank you, we’ll have it tomorrow’.

The first stop was the Barn. Here is where all the farm animals stay. They had all the usual things – chickens, ponies, sheep but we fell in love with a goat that insisted that she needed scratching on the back of her neck. She would drop her head when you were scratching her, then slowly raise it back up and stare at you until you did it again. This went on for a good 5 minutes before we just had to walk away (we would still be there now if we hadn’t!).

We then went on the Farm Train (again the only adults without children) to see the larger farm animals like Llamas, Alpacas and a Red Deer called Charlotte that had been hand reared by the staff after being rejected by her mother. They have managed to reintroduced her to the herd but still insists in running inside the fence when the Farm Train comes past.

Getting a bit fed up of having strange looks off people as they thought we had lost our child, we made our way into the Vintage fair. In there they have all the rides that use to be in travelling fairs from my childhood days – the obligatory Ghost Train that scared you as a child but wouldn’t even give you goose bumps as an adult, waltzers, etc. We decided to go on a twister ride, you know the ones that go in and out and round and round so you always end up sliding to the far end of the seat. It stated that the largest person had to go on the outside to which Kev looked at me and giggled but when I gave him a stern looking, he changed his mind about saying anything about who was the biggest out of the two of us! We then went on the Bumper Cars and  I managed to avoid him every time he tried to bump into me. I keep telling him that I’m a good driver, but he never listens!

After we had enough of the rides, off we went to find the Lions. When we found them, they were of course resting on the rocks as Lions do during the day and I have to say, the male lion looked so elegant surrounded by his females while they all took in the late morning sun.

We stopped at the lemurs who were also basking in the sun and cleaning each other. We also went to see the Giraffe and it was at this point I realised what I wanted for Christmas (yes, I’m fully aware that it’s still September). In Folly Farm for £39 you can feed the Giraffe and this is something I have always wanted to do since I was a little girl. Kev on the other hand wants a bike (we are grown ups, honestly!)

My favourite without a doubt at Folly Farm though was the Meerkat. Between Aleksandr and Sergei from the adverts and Timone out of the Lion King, these animals are so cute and are amazingly family orientated. There were several mother’s sitting with their babies while the bigger Meerkats kept an eye out for any threats. We also managed to time it perfect to watch the keeper through a plastic tub full of live crickets into the enclosure. The Meerkats went ballistic, they were scurrying, sniffing and flinching everywhere (sorry had to put a Lion King 3 reference in there, I am a massive Disney fan). Even the little ones managed to grab some.

Once we had seen all the animals, and believe me there are quite a few, off we went to Tenby for lunch. We decided to go to the pub we had before as we knew the food was lovely. It’s called the Lifeboat Tavern which for those of you with dogs, they are more than welcome in their large beer garden, although just to warn you, you have to walk through the pub to get to this as there is no separate entrance into the beer garden. And of course, after food I dragged Kev around the Tourist shops to buy some rock, as you do.

If you are looking for a family day out (or even just a day out as adults like me and Kev) I would advise visiting either or both Folly Farm and Tenby, we really enjoyed it but then again it doesn’t take that much to impress me!

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