Not enough hours in the day!!

Yes ladies and gentlemen, my brain is officially fried!!

Last week, I was multitasking to the extreme. I was trying to do my day job as a manger, coming home and helping Kev with the decorating business and applying for a new job all at the same time. Now I’m normally pretty good at doing several things at one time (I’m really good at walking at talking at the same time which my father has always said, women find very hard to do). I can have several things going on at work at the same time as I manage 10 people so I’m pretty much use to it. But last week was something completely different!

A job come up in work that is a promotion on what I use to do. It is also a job that would be ideal for me – better hours, designing communications and presentations (which I love to do) and no Saturday working! It’s also the same pay as I’m on now and I’ll manage less people. Not that I’m moaning, I actually love my job right now, but this one I would really love more!


I found the job completely by accident. I was looking for job information for one of my guys who’s looking for a promotion to get up to my grade. I knew I had no choice but to try for it. I had nothing to lose as my current job is safe so it’s not as if I’m going to suddenly be unemployed if I don’t get it.

The only time I had to write my application was at home. I had to try and still do the admin stuff that I do for Kev’s business and fit in writing the application before going to bed to get enough rest to do my day job. Also on top of that, Kev had ‘Man Flu’ and was running a temperature and feeling really sorry for himself.


Unfortunately my blog got pushed to the side but this experience has also given me the opportunity to write about it!

I set about writing the first draft and enlisted my friend who already works in a similar sort of role (but better paid) to have a look at it. The reason I asked him was not only does he know the business but he is also my former boss therefore knows what I am capable of and I knew he would also give honest feedback. Once he read it, he emailed me back with some harsh but useful pointers and told me that I should include how I do my blog. I’d never actually thought of this. To me my blog is something I do for relaxation and to take the p*** out of Kev and his job (honestly he doesn’t mind that I do this, at least he’s never said).

I sat down again and practically re-wrote every word. I have to be honest, I found it quite difficult because the writing style of my application had to be formal and I’m more comfortable in writing witty and funny (at least I hope it comes across that way). After fiddling with it quite a few times, I finally finished the 5th draft (yes, you read that right, the 5TH DRAFT!).


Kev and I went through it with a fine tooth comb, checking the spelling and grammar to make sure it read correctly. This involved me reading it to him over and over like a demented story teller. By then end of it, I think he knew it word for word as well as I did.

Well, the application is now in and I have got everything crossed! If I get through the application process, I then have to go through an interview, but I’ll deal with that if and when it happens. Kev and my friend will both be getting a gift for the massive help they have been to me. I’ll obviously write a blog to let you know the outcome but the lesson I have learnt from this is not to burn the candle at both ends and take on too much at the same time. I now have a week off (which was pre-booked) to recover and catch up with my blog and the business.




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