When it rains, it pours!

Being from the beautiful country of Wales, raining is something I am use to because the reason my little green and pleasant land is green is because of the amount of rain we get! This little story however has a little bit to do with the weather but more to do with how life tests you.

Before I start, I have to say that Kev is getting more and more disappointed with the rain in our little pocket of South Wales. He is, as you may have already read, from the West Midlands. He has come from a place that in the Winter gets quite a good dusting of snow, unlike South Wales, which just gets very cold, wet rain.

About a week or so before Christmas, Kev went onto Facebook and was devastated to find that his hometown of Cannock, Staffordshire, was covered in snow! All his friends were putting up pictures of ‘Snow Days’ while all we had was rain! He even replied to one of his friends with a picture of our front garden with the words ‘no snow here, just raining, again!’ Let’s just say, he was more than a bit devastated when the snow didn’t make if as far south as us!


In his search for snow, he wanted to take a trip up to the West Midlands, which I quickly persuaded him against, mainly because it’s a bit too far for me to travel to work. I’m glad I did because the week before Christmas was a nightmare from a vehicle point of view.

Kev and I both have vehicles. I have a little Peugeot 107 and he has a white van (yes people, Kev is a white van man, but not one of those idiots that randomly pulls out in front of you, he’s more like the one you have to overtake going up a hill!). Everything was fine until I decided that I needed to go to the shop to get a few essentials at the start of the week before Christmas. I pulled into the Supermarket car park and the clutch pedal on the car decided to go stiff. In a panic, I phoned Kev to which he calmly replied, ‘can you drive it home?’. I could but that wasn’t the point. I wanted him to be my knight in shining armour and come and sweep me up along with the bread and milk! In all honesty, it wasn’t that bad. I drove it home and then Kev insisted on taking it out for a drive, just to make sure I wasn’t over exaggerating. I’m happy to say, it did the same thing for him!


Now, I’m not all that stupid, I have breakdown cover, (thanks to my father persuading me to take it out when I bought the car). I got them to come to the house to have a look and they said that the actual clutch had gone. Now this is where I am stupid, I’ve always thought that the clutch cable, is the actual clutch, but apparently not, there’s a whole other piece of mechanics attached to the clutch cable, who knew!

Kev however wasn’t convinced. He booked it into a garage to have it checked out. By the time he got it to the garage, it had fixed itself. Well, I say fixed itself, it still plays up a bit for the first five minutes of it’s first drive of the day, but it can still be driven.


Which brings me to the bit about ‘when it rains, it pours’! Just after my car decided that it was going to work (ish), Kev was on the way home from a job and the alternator on the van decided to go while he was on the motorway (I’m not even going to pretend that I know what one of them is!). Luckily enough, a lovely gentleman managed to tow him off the motorway to a car park. Him breaking down wouldn’t normally bother me, but he was picking me up from work. Two and a half hours after my shift had ended, he finally managed to come and get me. Now this wasn’t necessary his fault as his journey home consisted of being towed off the motorway by a lovely stranger, then that same man giving him a lift home so he could pick up the working (ish) car to come a get me!


Kev has now bought a new alternator so a friend of mine come down today to help. They charged the battery (because apparently that’s what the alternator is suppose to do!) to be able to take it to the garage. All was going well until we got to the end of the street and the engine of the van cut out again and wouldn’t restart. This of course meant only one thing, we had to push it back up the road going backwards, while Kev steered using the side mirrors and avoided hitting any parked cars on the way! It’s now back on the driveway, minus the battery as my friend took that to be charged. We are going to try again next weekend, in the mean time, Kev now has to use my car for work which means I spend another week being a passenger!

I’m a person that always looks on the bright side of life and will always look for the positive. At least I’ll get driven to work this week and I have done my exercise for today by pushing a 2 tonne van backwards down my street! Maybe I should have got together with a mechanic rather than a decorator, but then again, I wouldn’t have anything to write about!


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