A week off

I decided in December that I was going to take Valentine’s week off. The first reason for this was I really needed a break! I hadn’t had a week off work since October and I was starting to feel the strain. The second and most important reason was it was Valentine Week! I am a very romantic sort of person and love nothing better than spending time with Kev (I know, I’m surprised I said it too!).


After booking the time off at work, I made sure that I blocked the week out in Kev’s calendar because he’s got a habit of not taking a day off!

The only question left was – where to go? Kev has never been to Weston Super Mare. I decided that this was the place to go. They have the best pier in the world! Now that may sound like an over exaggeration to you but at the end of this pier they have the biggest arcade I have ever seen with a go cart track taking up the whole of the first floor. As many of you may have already worked out, Kev and I are extremely competitive! He always says he’s the best driver and this was a way for me to prove him wrong (I was slightly cheating as I have already been on this track so have a bit of insider knowledge!).


We booked a hotel and were all set to go, then life threw a spanner in the works. One of Kev’s customers cancelled the week before we were due to go! This meant that we didn’t have the money and Kev really needed to find work otherwise he would be taking more than one week off (more like three!).

We set about advertising but had to guarantee that he would get the work. To do this, I suggested that we used a discount in the advert. I mean, who doesn’t like a discount!

download (1)

This proved extremely popular. He was getting enquiries left, right and centre! Let’s just say, he’s now really busy over the next few weeks! It just goes to show, the right type of advertising at the right time can make all the difference!

Yes, I didn’t get my couple of romantic days away. In hindsight, I would have been really ill while we were away because I have had the worst cold I’ve had in years (believe me, it was worse than Man Flu!), so having the week off to myself to rest and recuperate has been amazing. Plus, it has also given me time to catch up with my blog!

5 thoughts on “A week off

  1. Sorry for the disappointment over valentines day but what a blog!! It’s nice to read an insight into the life of a decorator sometimes rather than technical info on products.

    Your site is really impressive by the way. Colourful, plenty going on, easy to use and very professional. A lot of the blogging sites are made to a very tight budget and it shows. This is one of the best I’ve seen to date


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