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Changing direction

I recently had to come up with an idea on how to celebrate Kev’s birthday. This was actually harder than it sounds as for his birthday last year, I got us tickets to see his favourite football team, Aston Villa and a nights hotel stay near to the ground. He still keeps telling me that this was the best present he has ever had! How was I going to top this? I quite quickly come to the conclusion that there was no way on this earth was I going to be able to top that!

Instead we decided that we would have a night away. We decided on Liverpool. I had never been there and Kev had only gone there briefly a long time ago. The next issue we had was the fact that Kev’s birthday fell on Easter Saturday! I was expecting it to be very expensive so did loads of research through various holiday websites.

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We booked a hotel through that was right in the middle of Liverpool for the reasonable price of £109 including breakfast. The one thing I love about is that you can book a room through the website and pay when you arrive, they also offer free cancellations, which it turned out came in very handy. I booked the room well in advance but the UK has been experiencing very bad weather as of late and ‘The Beast from the East’ was suppose to be making yet another appearance in the north of the UK. This of course included Liverpool (one day we’ll actually get where we plan on going!).


A few days before we were due to go we decided that we were better off cancelling Liverpool as I really didn’t fancy getting stuck over the Easter bank holiday. Back to the research it was!

We decided that we were better keeping it local and even thought about staying in a hotel in Port Talbot (where we actually live!). We quickly decided against this as we might as well stay at home. I had a look at Cardiff (it was far enough away to actually have a break, but close enough to get home if the bad weather came in). After searching, I quickly changed my mind. The prices that were coming up were over £300. Turns out Anthony Joshua was fighting on the same night and neither of us are really into boxing (plus I didn’t really want to pay that much for a room!)


Back to the drawing board for the third time! I started thinking about where we could go locally and come up with West Wales. I’d taken Kev down to the West of Wales a few times before and he loved it so I had a look for somewhere that we hadn’t been before. We decided on Pembroke. I booked us into a hotel called The Coach House and it was only £80 for a night including breakfast. Bargain!

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We set off and it only took us one hour to get there (even though we drove past it the first time because the satnav told us it was on the right but was actually on the left!). We went to check in and as we were early, the room wasn’t ready, which was fine with us. The receptionist told us that the room had just had a new bathroom fitted, so the cleaner was give it an extra clean. The bar in the hotel wasn’t open yet so we went for a little wander. We found a pub that was showing the football as Aston Villa were yet again playing on Kev’s birthday. Kick off wasn’t until later so we decided to go down to the castle which is also the birthplace of Henry VII.

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We climbed up the tallest tower in the the castle which nearly killed me. It felt like we walked up about 100 steps but the view at the top was well worth it. Here are some photo’s that Kev took at the top including an attempt at taking a selfie of the two of us (which failed!).

We headed back to the hotel to get changed and went for a bit off food. After we finished, we strolled back to the pub that was showing the football (if anyone is interested, which your probably not, the score was 0-0). After a few drinks, we wandered back to the hotel for a few more. Kev got extremely drunk and I had to carry him up to bed (which is no mean feat let me tell you as he’s 6ft and I’m only 5ft 3 ish).


The following morning we got up for a lovely breakfast and started making our way home. We stopped off at Tenby, which is one of Kev’s favourite places and Pendine Sands, which is a beautiful stretch of 7 miles of golden sands.

I’m glad we changed our minds about going to Liverpool. We ended up going to a beautiful part of Wales and stayed in a lovely hotel and even visited the birthplace of Henry VII. We’ve decided that we will visit Liverpool later in the year when it’s a bit warmer and there is less chance in us getting stuck with the weather.

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