It’s been a while (2 years to be precise!)

Where have you been I hear you ask (or maybe it’s just the voices in my head again!). Well I decided to take a break from the blogging as I started a Degree. Yes, I’m a part time mature student! I am currently in the second part of my first year and really enjoying it. I would suggest to anyone in the UK that wants to learn something new, definitely check out the Open University . I’ve wanted to do a degree for a very long time but when I was younger, I didn’t really get on with college so went into work and missed out on the student experience. Now I am getting that experience minus the living on beans and noodles, as I am still working full time. I’m studying a BA (Honours) Arts and Humanities and planning on specialising in Creative Writing. I’m not planning on a change of career or anything when I complete it but who knows, I could be the next J. K. Rowling!

As well as doing a year and a half of my 6 year degree, it has been busy in other ways too. Kev’s business is going from strength to strength and he is now specialising in kitchen’s. Well, not the whole kitchen, just the kitchen cupboards. He’s got a good thing going if you ask me! He picks the doors up on a Sunday (I don’t even have to go with him because I’m studying!!). Works from home on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday spraying the doors and goes to the customer’s house on a Thursday and Friday to spray all the other bits. I’m still involved in the business advertising and even my predictive text is starting to know what information we need off the customer’s when they message! We’ve got it ticking over like a very well oiled sprayer (do you oil a sprayer?) and it is really going well. He’s going through money like it’s water but all in the name of progress. Just in the last couple of weeks he’s bought a twirly table (don’t ask!), a new sprayer worth £700 (he tells me it should have been £800) that is airless (??), an extractor unit (which is basically a large backwards fan) and a ladder which has nothing to do with the kitchen’s (not unless he needs to climb in through an upstairs window to get to it!). I really don’t mind but we will be needing a bigger house at this rate!

I’ve been working hard at my own job as always but I now have a new team and a new boss. All is good and I even get to cover for my boss from time to time which is doing wonders for my own career development. I’m hoping more will follow on this in the near future!

I’m always a busy little bee but realised that I was missing the blog. I was sitting watching something on telly the other evening thinking, I could be doing something better with my time right now. When I really thought about it, I realised that the blog was already helping me with my creative writing. I started researching different blogging sites and was going to start afresh, then I realised that I already had one sitting there. I just freshened it up a bit, changed the theme and hey presto, I’m back baby! I have to say that WordPress is so easy to use (it must be for me to use it) and all it took was a couple of hours fiddling with it to get it up and running and I’ve started typing again.

I can’t promise that I will give my blog as much time as it deserves but what I am going to do this time is to add some of my creative writing – poems, stories, etc that I have going around in my head. I’m hoping that will motivate me more to keep it going!

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