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Working from Home (well sort of!)

Everything is strange at the moment and there is a new normal! I can’t believe that those two words could be put together to describe something. I don’t really believe in normal because we are all different anyway but in this case, it is something that we really need to get use to. Whether that is for the time being or not is another thing.

I actually went to work last week (all above board and following Government Guidelines!). Because of my job, I can’t really work from home in the normal sense. I am a Team Leader in a Contact Centre for the Civil Service. The way around this is for us to have a rota and a headcount. We can have so many people in at one time and they sit on desks that are two meters from anyone else. The desks are cleaned on a daily basis ready for the next day and the person stays on that desk all week. The way it works for me is that I am in every now and again. I mean 1 month apart! Now, most people would enjoy this, but not me. Because I suffer a little with OCD and can’t cope when my work emails (or my personal ones for that matter), go over 10, when I walked in on the first day and saw 180 emails, I nearly had a break down (well, not a break down, that’s a bit extreme, more like a queasy, lightheadedness where I needed to sit down for 5 minutes and process it!) The problem is is that I cannot access my work emails from my home laptop. Luckily enough, the powers that be (my bosses) have decided that I can now go in once a week for an hour (ish) to complete admin work but this has to be before the rest of the staff come in. You could not imagine how glad I am of this (ask me gain in a month and I probably won’t be lol).

For the rest of the time, like I said in my last blog These trying times, I’ve been trying to keep myself busy. What I didn’t really include is that I am sort of working from home. I am using What’s App quite a lot with both my staff and my managers team. I use it quite a lot anyway (as most of us do in modern times) but I didn’t realise until lock-down that you could actually send documents over it. Another thing I have recently started using is Zoom. My managers team had a Zoom meeting with our manager. It’s absolutely amazing how fast technology has moved forward and how we can all take advantage, especially at this time, of apps that are available on our laptops/phones/iPads. What did tickle me though is that no one has seen my study in my home (well box room) and my manager commentated that it looks like a classroom. This is what he saw from my camera on my laptop:

Not quite sure how he sees a classroom but with my OU studies, it does sort of turn into a classroom lol. What is written on my white board are my scores from my assignments. I like to remind myself of how well I am actually doing in the grand scheme of things (please ignore the ones below 70% but in my defence, I only need 40% to pass!).

Another thing that I am experiencing, is that my dog wants to get involved in everything I do. As it’s probably the same for a lot of you out there, our dogs are not use to us being at home all day. Well it turns out that Wolfie, my Siberian Husky, has decided that his name should now be Shadow! I had a shower this morning and was drying my hair ready for my second Zoom meeting and he decided that he needed to be dried too, even though he hadn’t actually been in the shower. He also tried to get involved in the Zoom meeting and decided that he needed to jump up with his front paws on my lap so I could pay him attention. Now I wouldn’t mind, but as you probably know, he’s not exactly small (if you don’t, please see below). Plus when you add to that the fact that my chair spins! I nearly created the first ever Zoom out-take of ‘Woman knocked off chair by own dog during Zoom Conference’!

Please excuse the mess in the background. While this is my study, it’s also a place where various objects come to die (or be stored), I will eventually get around to sorting out but I’m just too busy. Who would have thought that during lock-down I could find so much that needed to be done with my computer! I promise you, I am also getting some sunlight, I’m not just locking myself in my study away from the world (honestly!). I plan on sitting out the back garden later on this afternoon.

I just want to end this particular post with saying that I hope you are all staying safe no matter what country you are in. I am genuinely concerned for everyone around the world at the moment and it seems that every time something sad comes on the news (sometimes it’s happy-sad), I feel a knot in my stomach and a tear in my eye! Don’t forget that your health is more important that anything else! Stay safe everyone xx

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