About me

I’m a 40-something-year-old woman that lives in Wales, with my decorating partner, Kev. I currently work full time as a manager in the Civil Service (for privacy I’m not allowed to say what I do but I am not a spy lol). I am also studying part-time with the Open University hoping to get a BA (Honours) Degree in Arts and Humanities with a view to specialising in Creative Writing. I enjoy writing and have a massive creative streak which hopefully will come across.

On top of all that, I help Kev with some aspects of his decorating business (at the moment he is specialising in kitchen cupboard spraying), including advertising and accounts (I’m not the best with numbers so I’m very grateful for accountancy software!).

I have a grown-up son (I know, who would have thought lol), a Siberian Husky named Wolfie, and a very naughty Labradoodle pup named Ted (his full name is Teddy Bear but Kev won’t let me call him that when we are in public.)

As you can see I’m a very busy person that tries to pack as much into life as I possibly can!

Please feel free to come along for the ride and any feedback will be welcomed (and I promise, I will try to take it on board and not get too offended lol).