Days Away

Away to London

Kev and I recently celebrated one year together (I know, I'm also in shock!). To celebrate I decided that we needed to do something. Why not a trip to London? I regularly get emails from Applause Store. They give out audience tickets to various shows for ITV in the UK for free and they also… Continue reading Away to London


Not enough hours in the day!!

Yes ladies and gentlemen, my brain is officially fried!! Last week, I was multitasking to the extreme. I was trying to do my day job as a manger, coming home and helping Kev with the decorating business and applying for a new job all at the same time. Now I'm normally pretty good at doing… Continue reading Not enough hours in the day!!

Painting and decorating

When is off white not off white? When it’s grey!

What do you say to a customer that wants off white but under no circumstances can it be cream? Kev's answer, inject a little grey. On a recent quote (to which Kev went on his own for a change), the customer insisted that they wanted an off white colour that wasn't cream as she thought… Continue reading When is off white not off white? When it’s grey!

Days Away

What to do? Go to the Zoo!

Kev and I found ourselves with a weekend off and nothing to do, which is really unusual! We decided on the Saturday (while recovering from a hangover from the Friday night) to do something with our Sunday. The question was what? Now I've always loved a Zoo but Kev isn't that bothered as he went… Continue reading What to do? Go to the Zoo!

Hints and tips

Troubles with Technology

As it's Sunday, Kev and I were partaking in our hobby, well I say hobby, we were doing quotes but it's the only hobby we have time for! We had 1 full house and 2 kitchens to price up across the South Wales Valleys and as usual I was in charge of taking the notes… Continue reading Troubles with Technology

Painting and decorating

A lighter shade of Mocha

We recently did a quote where the colour Mocha was requested as they wanted a darker colour on their walls than they currently had. The customer stated that they wanted Mocha, which doesn't sound that complicated. You just go to the paint shop and buy Mocha coloured paint. Or so you would think. When the… Continue reading A lighter shade of Mocha


The 2017 Liebster Award

I am thrilled to announce that I have been nominated for the 2017 Liebster Award. This is absolutely amazing as I have only be blogging from around a month. If you have never heard of it, the Liebster Award, it's an award that recognises new bloggers. It allows you to get support and connecting with… Continue reading The 2017 Liebster Award

Hints and tips · Painting and decorating

A Cheese Knife – not just for cheese!

Kev has decided that I need to learn some of things that he does to help for when we go on quotes together. He also decided that we were going to use our kitchen as a display kitchen to show off to customers what skills he has, so he decided that we just had to… Continue reading A Cheese Knife – not just for cheese!