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Two years, has it really been that long!

I recently decided I need to write more. Well, it makes sense really, if I am going to become a writer, I need to write more! I sat there wondering how I was actually going to do this and realised that I had missed something so obvious that it came up and slapped me square… Continue reading Two years, has it really been that long!

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Working from Home (well sort of!)

Everything is strange at the moment and there is a new normal! I can't believe that those two words could be put together to describe something. I don't really believe in normal because we are all different anyway but in this case, it is something that we really need to get use to. Whether that… Continue reading Working from Home (well sort of!)

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These trying times

A question for you: How are you? In these trying times it's important to make sure that you are ok and that you are staying safe. It is important to make sure that you are ok not just physically but also mentally. With various lock-downs all around the world, times are changing and we have… Continue reading These trying times

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Mature Student!

Well I'm just over half way through the first year on my Arts and Humanities degree and I'm actually quite enjoying it. Don't get me wrong, there are assignments that I just can't get on with (anything to do with Philosophy!) but on the whole I'm learning and along with that, I'm practising my writing… Continue reading Mature Student!

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Nobody cares about the Decorator

As you have seen in my last blogĀ 'A week off', Kev and I were suppose to have a week off work together but life decided to get in the way. Kev had to find work quickly, which thankfully happened. A customer saw the advert and rang to book him (I know, nobody talks to each… Continue reading Nobody cares about the Decorator

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When is off white not off white? When it’s grey!

What do you say to a customer that wants off white but under no circumstances can it be cream? Kev's answer, inject a little grey. On a recent quote (to which Kev went on his own for a change), the customer insisted that they wanted an off white colour that wasn't cream as she thought… Continue reading When is off white not off white? When it’s grey!

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A lighter shade of Mocha

We recently did a quote where the colour Mocha was requested as they wanted a darker colour on their walls than they currently had. The customer stated that they wanted Mocha, which doesn't sound that complicated. You just go to the paint shop and buy Mocha coloured paint. Or so you would think. When the… Continue reading A lighter shade of Mocha

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A Cheese Knife – not just for cheese!

Kev has decided that I need to learn some of things that he does to help for when we go on quotes together. He also decided that we were going to use our kitchen as a display kitchen to show off to customers what skills he has, so he decided that we just had to… Continue reading A Cheese Knife – not just for cheese!

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Danger on the stairs – part 2

Danger in the living room Good news guys, the cupboard doors are no longer at the bottom of my stairs. Yay. They are now in my living room! Kev has now moved them from the stairs for painting. He has set up the pasting table and has started working away at getting them sorted for… Continue reading Danger on the stairs – part 2